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Great Bear Lake N.W.T.

Mercury Barometer

A Mercury Barometer is an accurate and relatively simple way to measure changes in atmospheric pressure.

At sea level, the weight of the atmosphere forces mercury 760 mm (29.9 in) up a calibrated glass tube.

Higher elevations yield lower readings because the atmosphere is less dense there, and the thinner air exerts

less pressure on the mercury.

 barometer scale

Barometer Live from Edmonton Alberta

A Bit of History

Evangelista Torricellian Italian mathematician and physicist, invented the barometer in 1643. He had also served

as an assistant to astronomer Galileo. Torricelli discovered that the variation of the height of mercury from day

to day was caused by changes in atmospheric pressure.

Barometric pressure seldom changes more than an inch or so at any given time so you should not be concerned

if it does not seem to move for long periods of time. Barometric pressure also remains somewhat unchanged during

very hot weather.

The Barometer is an instrument used for predicting weather changes by measuring air pressure.

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Intensity of activity also varies from day to day, according to conditions in general.

If the barometer happens to be steady or rising, if the temperature is favorable(about 15 degrees higher

than water temperature) then long and active response to a Solunar Peoria can be expected.

If however, the Barometer is unsteady or falling,or the temperature arrangement of air and water is abnormal,

there may be no response to a Solunar Period. For that matter, conditions can and do change so completely in a

matter of hours that a major period will be of little value while some six hours later a minor period may show

excellent fishing. Generally, however, a change in the weather is apt to be a deterrent to good fishing.

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Metric Conversions

0.305 meter = 1 foot

0.914 meter = 3 feet (1 yard)

1 meter = 1.094 yards

10 meters = 10.936 yards

100 meters = 109.361 yards

1000 meters (1 km) = 1093.613 yards

1608.64 meters (1.609 km) = 1760 yards (1 mile)


Formula For Converting Fahrenheit and Celsius

C. to F. : Multiply by 9/5 and add 32

F. to C.: Subtract 32. Then Multiply by 5/9

e.g. 25 degrees C = 9/5 x 25 + 32 = 45 + 32 = 77 degrees F.

68 degrees F. = (68 - 32) x 5/9 = 36 x 5/9 = 20 degrees C.

scale for weather temperatures


Gallons to Liters

1 ml = 0.035 fl. oz. (Imperial)

100 ml = 3.52 fl. oz. (Imperial)

1 litres (1000 ml) = 1 pint 15.2 fl. oz. (Imperial gallon)

5 litres = 1 gallon 16.1 fl. oz. (Imperial)

45.461 Litres = 10 gallons. (Imperial)


Measures Of Lengths

1 centimeter = approx. 2/5 inch

10 centimeter = 3.94 inches

100 centimeters = 1 metre or about 39 inches

2 inches = approx. 5 centimeters

1 yard = approx. 9/10 metre

1 yard = 0.9144 meters

1 yard = 91.44 centimeters

one mile = 1.6 kilometers (approx.)

1 mile= 1609.34 meters

1 mile = 1760 yards

1760 yards = 1609.34 meters

100 kilometers per hour = 62.50 miles an hour (approx.)

10 miles = approx. 16 kilometers

30 miles = approx. 50 kilometers

5 foot 7 inches = 170 centimeters

5 foot 11 inches = 180 centimeters


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