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My Grand Children Out Walleye Fishing

Hailey-Grandpa walleye fishing

Fishing Slave Lake

Geno-Slave Lake

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John and Geno walleye
geno and 
Geno Ice Fishing
Ice fishing for perch with geno
Geno Fishing
walleye and geno 
Geno Walleye Fishing In The Days Of Fishing
John Teeter Fishing Wirh Geno

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Hurricanes Beat Oilers

I Have The Hat To Prove it!!!

Fishin Was Just Awesome As The Walleye Were Biting!!!!

We Have Plenty Of Great Stories

Geno Perch Fishing  At  Perch Lake

Perch Fishing

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Dad Fishing Seibert-Pinehurst-Touchwood Lakes In The 60's

And The Lakes Were Full Of Fish!!!

Dad and His Trophy Pike

Dad And Uncle George Fishing Winifred Lake in The 60's

Dad and Uncle George


Geno Walleye Fishing

~The Good Old Days~

The Stories We Could Only Tell The Big Boys That Walked.

Walleye Fishing with Geno

Here Is A Way To Fillet Your Walleye Fish

Filleting   A  Walleye  Fish Filleting   A  Walleye  Fish Filleting   A  Walleye  Fish Filleting   A  Walleye  Fish Filleting   A  Walleye  Fish


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