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Geno steelhead flies

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 Geno Flies

Guest with Geno In Alaska Salmon Fishing

Steelhead Fishing-Skeena River-Sept-Oct

Steelhead Fishing-Copper River-Nov-Jan

Much More To Come!!!

Test Report For Loomis Rods

Using The 4 piece Loomis GL-3 Series Rod and using over a half

dozen lines to see who WAS THE BEST !!!!!

The Test will be in 4 categories: Presentation-Accuracy-Distance Casting-Comfort

The test was by yours truly, and are only my opinions. My qualifications are as follows:

Over 45 Years Casting A Line Fly Casting Instructor Since 1980

    Master Angler
  1. Professional Fly Tyer since 1974
  2. Judges Award From The United Fly Tyers-1975-76
  3. Orvis-Leanard-Hardy-Winston-Michel Pezon-Payne-Lamiglass Rod Owner
  4. Professional Guide since 1977
  5. Author of Fishing Great Bear Lake
  6. Loomis Rod Owner and Field Worker
  7. geno's Buckley #264

And If you have any doubts in my Abilities or Experiences, then I will appreciate

your thoughts and Answers.

Again,I am not here to sell any lines, but to give you some insite and information to

help you choose a line. I am also using "LOOMIS RODS".

The tests took over several months. And The results are in and if you want to know

what lines were used and weights, you will have to e-mail me for the final results.

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Lamiglass Owner Also

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G.W.'s "Blue Ghost Raptor"

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bucktail by geno

G.W.'s Okanagen Tube Flies

For The Big Kootney Rainbows

Polar Bear Hair-Tinsel Hairs-Crystal Hairs

My Tube Flies " CATCH FISH !!! "


GenoCustomlies GenoCustomlies GenoCustomlies

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G.W.'s Thunder Creek Minnow

GW flys-2

G.W.'s Variant Dry Flies

GW flies-3

G.W.'s Shrimp

GW flies-4

G.W.'s Egg Pattern 1A

GW flies-5

G.W.'s Minnow pattern #1

GW flies-8

G.W.'s Minnow # 3

GW flies-13

Hairs Ear

GW flies-10


GW flies-11

G.W.'s Caddis Fly

GW flies-12

G.W's Doc Sprately

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For Sale

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p> ~Trout and Steelhead Fishing~

GW flies-13

Custom Flies Available

Geno's Dry Fly Box

genes fly box-1

Fishing Gear For Sale

For Sale

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Genos Jigs-2

Hottest Lure In Town

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Steelhead fishing-Skeena River Sept-Oct

Steelhead Fishing-Copper River Nov-Jan

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