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Tarpon Fishing
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Black Marlin

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Dorado (Salminus maxillas)

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Boga (Pachyurus bonariensis)

Corvina Negra Pogonias cromis)





Peacock Bass

Peacock Bass






Black Marlin

Los Cobos Mexico


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Big Game Fishing

Big-game fishing, sometimes called offshore sport fishing or offshore game fishing, is a form of recreational fishing,

targeting large bony fish such as tuna and marlin in the open sea. Some forms of game fishing which our customers can undertake

include popping, fly fishing, bottom fishing, jigging and snorkeling.

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Cheap Holidays to the Maldives
Cheap holidays to the Maldives. Unbeatable offers on-board our affordable and comfortable safari vessels.
Enjoy from a range of activities including Scuba Diving, Big Game Fishing, Fly Fishing, Trolling, Jigging, Bottom Fishing, Windsurfing,
Excursions and many more ...Windsurfing Holidays
The large lagoons that surround most of the islands are ideal for windsurfing. Large lagoons with waist deep water for hundreds of metres with soft sandy bottoms and the protective barrier provided by the house reef, offer ideal, safe conditions for windsurfing, especially for beginners.
Excursion Getaways Sail through the most beautiful atoll islands in the world. With crystal clear water, lush greenery and a wonderful atmosphere, Maldives is one of
the best destinations for your on-board holiday.

Big Game Fishing is one of the most attractive Sports in the Maldives

Fish Canada-USA-Russia-Australia- South America-Mongolia

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