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Science Name: Esox lucius


World Class Pike

Geno and Pike

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Other Names Used-From Coast To Coast
: Northern Pike, Jack, Jackfish, Chain Pickerel,

Snake, Gator, Wolf, Hammerhead. And My favorite-HAMMERTIME!!!

Ideal Temp: Depends Where You are Fishing-but I have fished them when the water,

could "chill"a beer, to where I wanted to go for a swim.

World Record: 55 lbs. 1 and 3/4 ounce ( Germany)

Lother Louis and His World Recrd Northern Pike

Angler's Name: Lothar Louis-1986 in October

53 and a half inches long, and a girth of 29 inches.

The biggest in weight, that I had anything to do with was, 50 and a half inches, with a

girth of 24 inches and to

the last bottom fin by the butt, was 24 inches, weighing over 40 pounds.

Environment: Wherever there is bait and fairly warm waters that have cover and the

right amount of oxygen,

this great sport fish can live over 30 years. Most of your Best pike fishing, is in the

Provinces of Alberta,

Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, NWT. And in the US, Michigan-Wisconsin, Dakotas,

N. C., S. C., Missouri,

And A Few More. If You have a great place, Let me know. Germany

(I have a picture of this monster just out of the water-The World Record)

England, Holland, Scotland, and Help me OUT HERE!!!.

I caught them inAlaska. And a jillion other places in the FAR NORTH of THE NORTH WEST TERRITORES.

strong>But My best fishing for pike, was in Alberta.....That is where I learned to become a bigger

PREDATOR,... or one mean RAPTER on the loose

Northern Pike Fishing Trip

Techniques: live bait, casting plugs, spoons, spinners, jigs, and much much more, fly Fishing too, with

colors galore. I have used yellow rope to a spark plugs, teasing this great sport fish.

I have practiced more "catch and release" fishing. This is do, to the BIG FISH I caught, and I doubt if I will

ever keep another pike in the boat or stringer, unless we are having a .FISH FRY.

When I was growing up, the limits were like, 40 fish per angler. And my Dad, Uncles, and myself included,

caught thousands of fish over several decades.

Geno at 5 years olf out fishing

We had every kind of hook one could buy, and some that we made. We were down right ruthless

when it came down to catching these great sport fish. And hey all went to a dinner table.

I kid you not,........ we always caught are limits, every day. When I was 9 years old ....

I had landed a 18 pounder

......So, if God is up their watching, "You made me a Fishermen". And my mom, a few heart attacks.

So MOM, it was all Dad's fault, for bringing home a fishing rod. When I was 2 and half years old,

My Dad caught me with that fishing rod he brought home,..............and a beer too. Boy did I get it!!!!!!!

Dad out Fishing with His Son


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The Fishermen that caught this "Monster Pike"


~Ewout Blom~

27 years old and was born in Rotterdam

The Pike was caught in Holland.

It was all most 50 inches long and its weight 37 pounds (18,5kg).

It was caught in 2005.

Ewot Blom and His Monster Pike

pike and geno pic
geno and pike and guest
Geno and pike-2
pike and geno-3
Hot Jig
genos flies

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On June 20 / 2000

G.W.(Gene) Lopushinsky

Caught a (exact weight-41.2ozs.)

Official weight:

9 months later after being frozen (36 lbs. and 6 ounces.).

It lost a few pounds. The Northern Pike from my honey hole.

The Fish was 50 1/4-inches long, with a 24-inch girth.

Gene Was Presented The

"Master ANGLER`S Award"

For Alberta for the Big Fish.

The fish weighed over 40 pounds!


Pike Moive


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How To Clean A Northern Pike

1. First, the back fillet. Set the pike on its belly (swimming position) and cut across

the fish straight down to the

backbone just behind the head. Turn the knife so that it’s lying flat atop the backbone, with the sharp edge facing

the tail. Cut following the backbone until you reach the dorsal fin, then turn the knife and

cut up to remove the back fillet. This should also serve to expose the tips of the Y-bones.

Geno And Big Northern Pike

2. Now make a cut on each side of the fish behind the gill plate, from the backbone

down to the belly. With the tip of the knife, gently separate the flesh from the

outside of the Y-bones down to the belly on both sides, starting from

the head and ending at the dorsal fin. You now have two more boneless fillets, but

you’re not done yet.

3. There’s another set of Y-bones that runs vertically just below the dorsal fin; you’All want to avoid this, too.

Put the fish on its side and cut just behind the dorsal fin down to the backbone. Then turn the knife so the sharp

edge is facing the tail and cut back along the backbone to the tail. Repeat on the other side and you now have

a total of five beautiful, boneless fillets (and don’t leave behind the cheeks).

This method works best with pike about five pounds and over (but please, be sure to release the big bruisers).

Once you’Ave mastered this technique, it will change your mind about passing up pike in favor of more easily

cleaned fish.

Pike Drawings to clean a pike

drawings by Malcolm Cullen

On Great Big Pike, I will Just fillet the fish l Like a Walleye and cook the fish with out

the skin on, in a Very Hot Vegetable Oil in A

Large Cast Skillet and Pull The Bones Out while eating. The bones are as Big As

Toothpicks or Larger, so you will have No Problem

eating the fish safely, without swollowing any Bones.


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