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Sheep Hunting

Geno out hunting

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Nickolai and Marco Polo

Sheep-Moose-Ibex Hunts with Nickolai in Russia

Spectacular People



Nickolai and Marco Polo

Marco Polo

Marco Polo Skull

Excellent Hunts

Russian Hunt

Grizzly Hunts

Nickolai and Seberian Moose

Spectacular Moose Hunts


Sheep Hunting with Geno

Sheep and Geno

~ John Teeter With A Argali Sheep ~

John and Argali Sheep

Camping On The Edge

Geno out Hunting

Geno..............Sheep Hunting

Sheep Hunting


Bighorn Sheep Movie By Geno

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~ Elk Hunting Movie ~



Watch A .264 Winchester Mag. In Action


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Taimen Trout

A Fly Fishermen's Perfect Game Fish

Nick named the "Tiger of The River"

Top Dog On The Food Chain.

Mongolian Taimen

For Spectacular Fishing Tours

Taimen-Seberian Grayling and Whitefish


Hottest Jig For Fishing In Town

hottest fishing lure in town

Pike-Walleye-Lake Trout-Dolly Varden

Dad and Pike-66

~Pike Fishing~



Thanks Dad!!!

Zsunami Jigs

Spectacular and Tough

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geno and walleye

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