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Tip No. 1

When using bait, such as frozen minnows,.... submerge the minnows into a solution of "BORAX" and Cold Water for about an hour.

Add some amounts of fine wood chips with the bait , after strained, to make it very easy to seperate your bait. Freeze, until your next trip out fishing.

The "Borax" will keep the bait from crumbling or falling apart. You can use any type of bait, with this application.

For Daily In-Depth-Fishing and Hunting Times

When To Be Out In The Field

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Electronic Chip Technology

Turns Fish Into Feeding Frenzy's

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Arctic Grayling

Moon Phases and Moon Calendars New Sign

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"Under the Solar/Lunar Influence"

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When a Solunar Period falls within one half hour to an hour
ofsunrise or sunset you should be your best time for your greatest action. When you have a moonrise or moonset

during that period the action should be another time to stay out their and be ready for even more higher results.

Also, when the above times occur during a

NEW or FULL MOON, you can expect the best action of the season!

Geno and Trophy Pike

For those Anglers and Hunters who enjoy fishing and hunting at sunrise and sunset here are the absolute best dates to be on the water at your

favorite spot.

These are the Major or Minor Solunar Periods that fall near the times of Sunrise or Sunset during a Full or New Moon. It has been documented

that when this condition exists fish will bite on anything they see or smell. Limits are almost guaranteed provided there are fish in the vicinity.

It’s no secret that fish and game tend to feed during Dawn and Dusk (sunrise and sunset). What amplifies the activity is the effect of a moonrise or

moonset plus the specific monthly periods of New (black) and Full (white) Moons.

When the times coincide with a moon-rise or a moon-set the action should be your Best Results.

Also, a change in the weather coinciding with the periods, will further enhance the activity.

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2024 Phases of the Moon

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