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When ever getting a chance to head to the Arctic to go fishing, pack your bug

dope, waders, camera, sunglasses, and get ready to fish waters that very few

will only dream of. Where else can you go and fish, where every cast in some

spots, especially while fishing for "Arctic Grayling" is almost every cast.

If you are a "Beginner" at fly fishing, then you will think you are an expert,

with all the action you are having. If you are an "Expert" then you will think

you can do no wrong.

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But,If you just like to throw a "Line" Then You Will Have A Blast!!!. I have spent

hundreds of hours, practising all types of casts, trying to perfect my presentation.

The only down fall fishing those rivers and small streams, is the darn slippery rocks,

that one has to walk on. I have watched, many fishermen and women fall into the ater.

Either getting all wet, and breaking their favorite rod trying to save themselves.

Many beautiful rods have been retired from these pristine fishing spots.

If there is any advise I can offer,...... it is to make sure you bring a second rod

and have a "Walking Stick" to make sure your day out fishing, does not come to

sudden end. Whether it is a Loomis, Orvis, Leonard, Winston, Fenwick, Hardy,

or any other make of rod, have been Warned!!!

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I have told many through my days out their, but few have taken my advise seriously.

Not sure why, they take this very simple advise with a grain of salt. All I want is to

see my guests not get hurt or have their favorite rod, end up as a plant holder,

is that to much to ask for. It does not matter how big you are or how old you are,

you will fall, and when it is all said and done, you will either feel like an idiot or

one stubborn person, that can not take any advise to someone that has been

there, and done that!! Many argue about line weights, what fly to use,

where to cast, and even what one should wear while trying to catch a

fish,........... and I can appreciate these important measures.


But I cannot understand why anyone would not take the advise of their "Guide".

If I could get all my guests to understand what I am trying to say or do at all times,

life would be so much easier on all of us. Try what ever fly you want, use what

ever rod you want, cast wherever you want, but if your guide help(s) you with

your fishing technique then it is in the best interest to at least try the methods

or lures.

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If you are wondering what I like to use for a rod, reel, line, and hook to

fish for the............ "Arctic Grayling"in the Arctic, I use several rods that

are able to throw a fly with ease (6 to 8 1/2 foot rod lengths), a reel

(that holds a line weight # 3 to 5), and almost any type of fly

(from a # 8 to # 24), depending on your level of skill and comfort.

I have caught Grayling over 4 pounds and have seen bigger ones too.

There are World Record Grayling yet to be caught by anyone that goes and fish the Arctic.

If there is anything else you want to know or ask me ....About fishing

for Grayling in the Arctic..............

Then just drop me a line at:

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