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Professional Guide and Master Angler
G.W.(Gene) Lopushinsky
Great Bear Lake, N.W.T. Canada
Since 1977, Gene has been guiding on this Spectacular lake for Lake Trout, Arctic Grayling, and Arctic Char on the Coppermine River. Throughout his years spending his summers their, he has been very fortunate to have been able to fish, some of the very Best Spots with friends and Clients. Arctic Circle Lodge, Branson's Lodge, Great Bear Lodge, Plummer's Lodges, and Some. With over 25years on and off from the lake, Gene has been able to produce a book on CD-Format for all to enjoy and get first hand information where to fish, when to fish, what to use to catch "Big Fish", how to cook your catch, mapswhere he has fished( depths included), and much much more. If you are heading to this Lake, you will definitely want to have this DVD for your collection to help you save time and money. There is no other book about fishing "Great Bear Lake" with so much information. It has been a very long time to write all the info and with over 10,000 hours, on the water from sun up to sundown, Gene hopes that he can help, "YOU" catch a real Trophy for a memory that you will never forget.

Geno And Lake Trout from Great Bear Lake

There are Lake Trout that are well over "65 Pounds"still in the lake to be caught and released, by anyone, that books a trip their. If you need any further specific details about the lake, the Author would be glad to help, you can e-mail him at:

Here are some stories, that will get you " HOOKED" to book a trip at One of Canada's Finest Fishing Lakes

in The North West Territories!!!

While working at one of the lodges, Gene had roomed with a another Guide named Mark Arminni. Throughout there times together, they spent many hours on the water fishing . And as they did, they became "Best Of Friends" which even today are very close, and have fish together from Alaska to California. These two avid fishermen have caught fish that very few will ever experience or dream about. It maybe that the two of them, were made for each others company, until the good Lord takes their fishin poles, away from them.
As they spent there times together, they both learned from each other, without ever fighting over who caught the most or the biggest fish. Very few can speak of this nature and even, to this day. Great Bear Lake has just been one of there adventures together, and this is where it all started.

L.T. and Flatfish

As the two were having shore lunch in a back bay cooking Lake Trout for lunch, they had caught several "Big" Lakes, the spot is still kept a secret, because this was there very first date together fishing. When the two had talked to other guides where to try there luck, they were both given the cold shoulder by all. And as they started to realize, no one was going to help them. So off they went exploring. The two of them started trolling and casting for lake trout. Even though they did not know the area at all, they were catching fish and having a great time together. A fishin trip that will never be forgotten.

Geno and trout


As the two were washing up their dishes, pots, and pans, Mark yelled out to Gene and said to look what is swimming in front of where they were washing the dishes. Several huge lake trout were swimming very close to them, right on top of the surface. The two of them ran for their rods, and casted towards the trout. As both had casted simultaneously, they were both hooked into "Two Great Big Lakers". As the lines started to scream, we looked at each other, without any words said, and the heat was on. We jumped back into the boat that was just beside us. The boat and motor running before you could say five words. And those words were by Gene, "Holly Smokes, What Now Mark!!!" And Mark just started to laugh and said, "Get On It Sport!!". Gene just looked at Mark and grind while hanging on to his rod that was bent right over. The two Lakers, thank god, just went straight down for the bottom. Not like salmon, where they would have headed out to sea. Now, that the two fish had reached the bottom which was about 60 feet down, the two of them were shaking their heads and howling with excitement. You think that the two of them had caught "Moby Dick". For over an hour, the two lake trout kept the pressure on the two boys rods. At that time, neither had any idea what they were really going to do, but hang on!

Tree River Char


As we tried to bring the Lakers up towards the boat, the two fish would just pull and shake their way back down. Neither of us had ever experienced such power and time with Lake Trout ever, of this nature. Both were talking to each other, as if they were never going to land these fish. Mark was at one end of the boat, while Gene was at the other end, hoping that the two fish would not cross over and tangle the lines together. At least they had a plan, but were still not winning the battles. But as time went on, the two lake trout started to wear out. Mark's Fish was starting to release air bubbles and this was a sign of exhaustion. But Gene's fish was still hanging tuff on the bottom. A few more minutes went by, and Mark's fish was coming up. The water at Great Bear Lake is so clean and clear, you can see sometimes over 50 feet deep when looking over the side of a boat, with no ripples on the surface. Mark yelled out that he could see his fish now, and it was a good one, at least 40 pounds. As the fish started to shake and roll, which lake trout will do, the line began to wrap the fish all up, like line wound on a fishing spool. What a mess, the fish turned around at least 30 times, and then finally stopped moving. Gene had passed the big net over to Mark. All by himself, Mark netted the fish and grasped the ring around the mess, and hauled the fish into the boat. Gene was jumping up and down, excited that Mark had done his job with perfection. As Mark finally got the fish all unwrapped, out of the net, and the hook out of the mouth, he picked the fish up by the gills, and now was howling with joy!!

JT and Lake Trout


Now it was Gene's turn, to do the same. Mark came over to the back of the boat, and Gene gave Mark a one handed hug as did Mark also. Mark now could help Gene out if needed. As the fish started to finally tire out, and some air bubbles started to rise from the depths, the battle looked like it was coming to the end. Mark kept telling his new fishing buddy to just take his time, we will get this fish. Then all of a sudden, the line started to peel off the spool,and the both of them looked at each other, as what was going on. Mark said, "We Need To Start The Boat!!" and follow the fish. So they traded spots, Gene went to the front of the boat and Mark now was in charge of the boat and motor. They followed the fish around the bay for another fifteen minutes, before the fish started to rise to the surface. What had the boys hooked into. When they finally saw the fish, it looked as big as Gene. Gene started to jump up and down and yelled at Mark to get the net ready. Mark now had the motor in neutral, and had the net r eady to go. As the fish came closer to the boat, the two of them were in disbelief. This fish was well over fifty pounds. Gene was starting to panic, as Mark was hanging onto him. As the two were standing in the boat side-by-side, both were talking a mile a minute on what to do. As the fish came right beside the boat, the fish then dove under the boat. As Gene and the rod were also doing the same, Mark was hanging on to Gene's belt, so that he would not go overboard. If only someone had been watching, or videoing the two, this would have been a great demo movie how two fellows helped each other out, in a time of need. There was no doubt, that the two of them, were made for each other. Mark went back to the motor that was still running, and threw the forward switch into reverse, to get Gene's line on the other side of the boat. What a great idea to do this, staying one step ahead of the fish. Tip 101, always keep the boat motor running, you may never know what a big fish may try. Gene yelled at Mark, thanking him for doing so. And Mark yelled back, and said no problem my friend. Now that the fish and line were on the same side, Mark came to the front of the boat again with the net ready to help out. Gene was shaking, and told Mark, if we ever get this fish in, he would be in his debt forever. Mark just smiled and told Gene to just take his time. Mark was a very laid back fellow, not much seemed to get him wound up. Where as Gene was a little more, of a person who loved,to get excited. The two of them made a GREAT PAIR!!



Now the fish was starting to roll on its side and this was the break that was needed to be able to get the fish into the net. Now ready to pull the fish towards Mark and the net, Gene wound the line just enough for a pass. As the fish was just turning for another pass under the boat, the net went under the fish and the two boys, grabbed the hoop of the net and pulled the fish into the boat. It was all over, the fish flopping on the bottom of the boat and the two boys were jumping up and down hugging each other like they had won "The Lottery"!!! Now with a calm coming over the fish and the two young fishermen(one 17 and the other 18 years old), both sat down, glowing at the fish with their eyes in disbelief. Not a word was said for a minute from either. Finally Gene asked Mark what should we do with this fish. If we take it back to the lodge, we are going to be sent home. And Mark looked at Gene knowing this was true and there was only one thing they could do. Put the Big Boy back into the lake and revive him, and let him swim back to where ever he had come from. This was not sitting well with Gene, he wanted to keep this fish, but Mark told him, you can always get a replica made. And then Gene realized that Mark was right and this was the right thing to do. The two boys were only about a hundred yards from shore, and Mark drove the boat to the shore without any further thoughts.
Great Bear Lake


When they landed the boat onto the shore, they picked up the " Monster" and placed him into the water and started to revive the fish by moving it back and forth slowly to get the water that supplies oxygen to the fish through the gills. It was very quiet, the two had not much to say now, the battle was over and the boys had won, not one fish but two great Lakers Mark's fish could not be released, due to the line cutting into the gills and blood pouring out all over the boat. It was about a hour before the big fish finally started to give sign of movement and motion. Gene let Mark release the fish back into the lake, for he wanted Mark to be the one, since Mark was the one that made it possible to land the fish. It was the right thing to do, and Gene wanted the honours to go to his new friend. As the Laker swam into the depths, the two boys sat down on the beach, that was made of small rocks and sand, and Just stared out on to the lake. What the two boys had accomplished, was something that very few will experience.

Mark and Salmon


To Mark Arminnini, My Friend and Brother and Much Much More.

This story was Dedicated to " Mark Arminnini" and Coors Gold..... Fishermen, Gentlemen,

and Truly One of Gods Greatest Gifts, Born on This Earth.

This is one of Gene's Favourite pass times on Great Bear Lake, N.W.T., Canada!!!


Geno and Lake Trout

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