Trout-Salmon Flies

~ By Geno ~

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Trout Fly Of The Month

Geno's Hand tied Flies

Geno's Buckley River Raptor


G.W.'s "Blue Ghost Raptor"

>Polar Bear Hair

Starting at $16.50 each

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bucktail by geno

G.W.'s Okanagen Tube Flies

For The Big Kootney Rainbows

Polar Bear Hair-Tinsel Hairs-Crystal Hairs

My Tube Flies " CATCH FISH"

Genos Tube Flies


Genos Tube Flies

Genos Tube Flies

For Sale

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G.W.'s Thunder Creek Minnow

GW flys-2

G.W.'s Variant Dry Flies

GW flies-3

G.W.'s Shrimp

GW flies-4

G.W.'s Egg Pattern 1A

GW flies-5

G.W.'s Minnow pattern-1

GW flies-8

G.W.'s Minnow # 3

GW flies-13

Hairs Ear

GW flies-10


GW flies-11

G.W.'s Caddis Fly

GW flies-12

G.W's Doc Sprately

Fishing Gear For Sale

For Sale

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And Much Much More!!!!

Starting At $40.00 A Dozen And Up

~Trout and Steelhead Fishing~

GW flies-13

Custom Fly Tying Available

Geno's Dry Fly Box

genes fly box-1

Fishing Gear For Sale

For Sale

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Hottest Lure In Town

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Steelhead fishing-Skeena River -Sept-Oct

Steelhead Fishing-Copper River-Nov-Jan

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