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Geno and Glen Sather
      AT Great Bear Lake NWT

Geno And Glen Sather

We Knocked The Trout Down At The Cove

You Still Owe Me A Fishin Rod!!!


Fishing Great Bear Lake In The Field Magazine from England

Special Edition-President's Fishin Hole

Tree River Arctic Char

Geno-Chummy-President Bush Sr.

George Sr. Bush-Chummy-Geno


The English Magazine
John Teeter note
Guest note


Sonora Outfitters and Geno At FNAWS Show

Geno and Sonora Outfitting Booth At Sheep Show in Neveda


Geno-Basil Bradburry

Basil Bradbury-Geno-Jimmy In Hawaii




John Teeter and GenoAt The FNAWS SHOW IN RENO Nevada, USA

John Teeter at FNAWS


Alan and GenoFNAWS

Geno and Alan StewartFrom New Zealand At FNAWS Show


Geno With The Field Magazine from England

Geno and England


Fishing Great Bear Lake, NWT, Canada

Fishing North of Sixty, NWT, Canada

Fishing Alaska, The Braids, USA

Fishing British Columbia, Salt-Freshwater Canada

And Much Much More, To Come

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