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Red Stag-Fishing-Bird Hunts- Exotics

Unbelievable Numbers

Awesome Trout Fishing

Rainbows and Browns



In Santiago Del Estero

Cotos De Cazaen



"Hector Perran"

Flying to Buenos Aires-Then onto Santiago del Estero

Approximately: 1 hour and 40 min. flight from Buenos Aires

Out Standing Bird Hunts .......Plenty Of Quality Birds

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DDove Hunts

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Plenty Of Varsity and Excellent Facilities

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Your Big Game Quarters: A Perfect Setting For Any Hunter or Huntress To Dine At


Prices Includes :Transfer from Ezeiza Airport to Jorge Newbery

Airport,transfer from Santiago del Estero Airport to the hunting camp,
lodging and full boarding, hunting guides, trophy preparing, internal
mobility during the hunt.
They do not include:hunting license(Prices Will Be Given When Trip Is Booked) For Air Tickets.
For Big Game, I prefer to work with groups of no more than six people,
in order to provide the best personalized service
I also send you the prices for feather hunting, and there´s no limit in the
number of hunters here.


Fishing: Trout -River-Streams-Lake Fishing

Contact: for "The Best Dates And Prices"


South American Hunts


Hunting-Fishing Capital Of The World

Saltwater-Freshwater-Big Game-Bird Hunts




Hunt With "Plumas" Wing Shooting Outfitters


Argentine Hunting Outfitters which specializes in organizing hunting's for small groups of hunters who demand the best. Our goal is to provide our clients with an exclusive selection of hunting in Argentina that guarantee a high quality of service and a one of a kind experience.

The Hunts

The Hunts take place in the city of Gualeguay or Victoria, located to the south of the Mesopotamian province of Entre Ríos. In total more than 600.000 acres of private marsh, and unlimited acreage for upland shooting.
Your lodging will be some of four beautifully country homes (Estancias), always depending upon the best area for shooting conditions. Each lodging has comfortable surroundings and excellent service.

After of the “asado criollo” (BBQ) of welcome and a Introduction Siesta, you go to shooting doves in the grain fields. The doves arrive to the wood in big flocks, the shooting is very amusing and you can shoot a case of shells. When finish everything is picked up, birds and spent cartridges.

Hunting Camps

We uses four beautiful Estancias in the Entre Rios province

San Ambrosio

Is great mansion located which is 3 km outside of the town of Gualeguay, Entre Rios. This home has beautiful grounds. The hostess is delightful, as are the accommodations. The staff is very attentive, the food and wine are outstanding. The house has 6 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. Duck shooting is a 30 minute drive, dove shooting is 45 to 55 minutes. Private rooms per 12 persons.

La Malva

Is a comfortable country home located close to San Ambrosio, combines luxurious rooms with excellent service. Only double rooms available.

El Cerrito

Is located near Victoria´s city which is one and a half hours from San Ambrosio. The ranch is very nice and comfortable.

Los Tolitos

Is also located near Victoria.The lodge is a small ranch. The ranch is very nice and comfortable. Single rooms are available with a maximum of eight people.
All hunting is within 30-45 minutes. The duck can be outstanding and the dove is good to very good.

"Packages "

Combination Duck, Dove, Pigeon and Perdiz Hunts in the Entre Rios Province: Shoot decoying ducks called by your guide from your private blind.

Shoot Perdiz over Spaniel Bretons or driven by your guide. Add dove and pigeon for the afternoon shoot over sunflower and grain fields to round out an incredible day of wing shooting.

The Full Season Runs From May to September.


Hunt Argentina


"Garold Carson"

Spectacular Fishing -Unlimited Free Ranging Stag Hunting

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Gerald and His Red Stag Gerald Trout Fishing


Another Great Place In Argentina To Hunt and Fish "All You Want"

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Mario Alberto Zarba

Mario and Hunters out Duck Hunting

Santiago Safaris

Specializing in Dove-Pigeon-Duck Hunting

Dove Hunting with Mario


Santiago del Estero

In The Province located in the North End of Argentina.
Mario and Bird Hunters

Hunting In Argentina

1) 3 1/2 Full Days of Hunting.

2) 4 night in a 4 star hotel ( based on double occupancy. Single occupancy additional charge.

3) Meeting hunters at Ezeiza Airport (International Airport) in Buenos Aires, facilitating their transfer to Jorge Newbery Airport (the hunters will be taken to this airport because is the only one that have planes arriving in Santiago del Estero) and assisting them in boarding the planes to Santiago del Estero (flight takes about one hour and fourty five minutes).

4) Transport to the hunting area in vans or pick up 4 x 4.

5) Typical country food (savouring delicious Argentinian beef).

6) Cold and hot drinks at all times (beer, wine,soda, mineral water, coffe and tea).

7) A guide and a bird boy per hunter.

8) Gun cleaning.

9) Assistance in obtaining the issue of guns license international entrance and exit permit.

(Expenses not included)
Services not included
Personal expenses

Air Transportation (from Buenos Aires to Santiago del Estero and from Santiago del Estero to Buenos Aires)

Hunt Uraguay


~ Saul Roisner ~

For Birds-Exoctics-Fishing

Uruguay Offers One of The Best Wing Shooting In The World

Montevideo is the capital of Uruguay. It lays on the River Plate shores, along endless white beaches. The weather is reasonably mild the whole year round. This climate has made our country home to countless species of flora and fauna. For this reason, Uruguay has been disputed over the centuries by its colossal neighbours, Brazil and Argentina.

Uruguay has long been known as the best destination for dove, pigeon, perdiz and duck hunting. Visitors will be amazed by natural fields, rivers, lakes and hills with countless small game.

Professional and amateur wing shooters will experience the abundance of nature and the warmness of the Uruguayan people. Uruguayan life-style reflects its European heritage.

Uruguay is a major, unique and memorable destination for the experienced wing hunters of the world.

Saul Hunting Lodge Hunting Lodge At Saul Lodge

Packages for less than 4 hunters are customized and specially prepared
and price has to be discussed in each case.

Stag Hunting Area

According to special requirements fishing days or big game can be added with
an extra cost that depends of the necessities of each group.


Dorado (Salminus Maxillosus)

Tararira (Hoplias Malabaricus)

Boga (Pachyurus Bonariensis)

Corvina Negra * (Pogonias Cromis)

Dorado and Tararira are fished from early October to end March. These are two of the wildest and largest river predators in Uruguay.

Both are fished by trolling (by boat) or spinning (from the river shores).

Golden Dorados can easily weigh twenty pounds.

Tarariras, which are similar to the Bow Fin Fish, can weigh up to fifteen pounds.

Boga is known by its tasty meat.

Black Corvinas are a very valued catch. Black Corvina and Boga are usually cooked on a barbecue.

During the high season, it is possible to combine a mixed package such as fishing and pigeon shooting in the same area. A fishing day can be substituted by a shooting day or adding days to the tour.

*Corvina Negra (September - March) price for sea fishing is not included in the pack.


Hunting In Argentina


Jorge Noya

Hunts In Argentina

You may have the chance to get this special cancellation price of 3 spots available for a cost of U$S3500 including 5 days + 1 Red Stag medal class, accommodation and food in Buenos Aires lodge for those hunting days. They are good size (medal class) and the hunting season for this animal is from March to July 2019.

Jorge Noya Stag Hunts spac Jorge Noya Stag Hunts

Big Game Specials for the 2019 Season.

Bird Hunts In Argentina

1. Red Stag Deer + 5 days: All In US Funds.

Location: Santiago del Estero Province Lodge or Buenos Aires Lodge

Season: until July 2018

Including: Accommodation, All Food & Beverages, PH Guide and Assistance.

Extras: License, Domestic Flights or Transfers, Gun rental and tips.

Guest Room

2. Axis Deer + Blackbuck + Dove & Pigeon Shooting + 3 days: US Funds

Location: Buenos Aires Province Lodge

Including: Accommodation, All Food & Beverages, PH Guide and Assistance.

Extras: License, Transfers, Gun rental and tips.

3. Wild Board + Water Buffalo + Dove & Pigeon Shooting + 4 days: US Funds

Location: Santiago del Estero Province Lodge or Buenos Aires Lodge

Jorge Noya


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