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Genos Big Monster Pike

Northern Pike Mount For Sale

And It Was A Real Deal Northern Pike

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50 Inches Long

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Varment and Rodent Control

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Live Buck

The Home of Anglers and Hunters

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Genos Cedar Home

Spectacular Cedar Home In


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Geno Sheep Hunting

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Geno Duck Hunting

Another Year Out Hunting and Fishing

Geno and Big Fish

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Running Whitetail Buck

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Geno and Great Buck

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Live Buck Standing

Whitetail Hunting

Geno and Big Buck

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Hottest Fishing Hook In Geno's Fishing Box

Geno's Jigs

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Geno Pike Fishing In The Arctic

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Great Bear Lake Book

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Fishing Great Bear Lake

In The North West Territories

Great Bear Lake N.W.T. Canada

Over 10,000 Hours Fishing

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Trout Dinner

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Fishing For Trophy Lake Trout & Arctic Grayling

Geno Fishing Great Bear Lake N.W.T.

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Geno Grayling Fishing

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~ John Teeter From North Carolina Fishing With Geno ~

Trophy Class Walleye

Geno And John Walleye Fishing

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Fishing Great Bear Lake

" Chummy Plummer "

In The North West Territories

Geno and 
  Glen Sather

Glen Sather & Geno

Fishing Great Bear Lake N.W.T.

Geno-Chummy-President Sr. Bush

One Of The Very Best Run Fishing Lodge(s) In Canada

George Sr. Bush

1924- November 30 2018

~A Real Gentlemen~

President George Bush


Chummy Plummer

Spectacular Fishing At Plummer's Lodges


~ Great Bear Lake ~

Geno Lake Trout GBL

~Maps-Depths-Trophy Fishing Spots~

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Marco Polo Sheep Hunts


Marco Polo Sheep

World Class

Marco Polo

Marco Polo Sheep Hunts


Hunt(s) are conducted in Pamir Mountains (Tadjikistan)

The altitude of 3,500 m -4,500 m (10,500 – 13,500 ft) a.s.l.

Though good fitness of hunter is preferable, qualified service,


allow different ages and health conditions of hunters.

Marco Polo Hunters

There are guides,doctors, cook and helpers in camp.
The air temperatures during the hunting season:
August - September +10 – +20 C (+50 - +80 F)
October – November -15 – 0 C (+5 - +30 F)
December -25 – -10 C (-15 - +15 F)


Marco Polo Sheep

European Sheep Hunts

Argali Sheep

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World Wide Tours

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Marco Polo Hunt

Geno and Sheep

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Great Bear Lake N.W.T. Sunset

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Emerald Lake B.C.

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Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep

For Sale

Genos Bighorn Sheep

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