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Nickolia Marco Polo Sheep

Hunt is conducted in Pamir mountains (Tadjikistan) at the altitude of 3,500 m -4,500 m (10,500 – 13,500 ft) a.s.l. Though good fitness of hunter is preferable, qualified service, BIG POPULATION of sheep as well as EXPERIENCED GUIDES allow different ages and health conditions of hunters. There are guides, doctor, cook and helpers in camp.
The air temperatures during the hunting season:
August - September +10 – +20 C (+50 - +80 F)
October – November -15 – 0 C (+5 - +30 F)
December -25 – -10 C (-15 - +15 F)
Late October-November snow brings sheep lower for rut and food. Sometimes it is possible to see 50 – 500 sheep per day at this period. Method of hunt is following: early in the morning a hunter with a guide and a driver leaves basic camp by jeep. On the way they make stops and the guides thoroughly check over mountain pasture lands with binoculars. When they see a group of sheep they use big spotting scope to find a big ram in the group. Professional guides can say how big the ram is from far distance. If they find good one they look for the best way to approach the ram considering many factors, incl. hunter’s fitness, and start approaching afterwards. You have to be prepared for up to 300 – 400 yard shot.
From Osh city (Kirgizia), they will take you to camp by jeeps (about 8-10 h.). This way is much more preferable because weather is changing in the Pamirs quite often to use helicopter for transfer and what is more important: slow ascent to mountains allows YOUR BODY TO ADAPT TO THE HIGH ALTITUDE QUICK AND EASILY. You will have a unique chance to see Pamir mountains heart as a whole beauty.


Trophy size vary from 120 cm to 158 cm (47 in.-62 in.). The largest from this area was 68”. When you finish Marco Polo sheep hunt YOU CAN CONTINUE TO HUNT FOR PAMIR IBEX. There are quite a lot of wolves in that area. They are known for their big bodies and thick hides with light fur.
BASIC TOUR PRICE: $ 39.950 per hunter including all service Bishkek/Bishkek on the base
1 hunter – 1 guide and one trophy of Marco Polo sheep: No surcharge for Gold medal trophies!!
- airport service on arrival/depart in Bishkek (international and national flights);
- auto transfers in Bishkek from airports to hotels and return;
- booking of air tickets and hotel rooms for tour;
- transfer by car from Osh to camp and back;
- full service on the hunt on the base 1x1;
- jeep transfers during the hunt;
- guides, cook and helpers in the camp;
- interpreter;
- all documents needed for a hunt;

- 1 MARCO POLO SHEEP (any size)
- accommodation and meals in hunting camp;
- field trophy preparation and packing.
Group: 2-6 hunters.
Hunting season : August-December, January-March (November is best).
Tour duration : 14 days (Bishkek/Bishkek),11 hunting days.
Hunting area : Pamir (Tajikistan): Murgab area, Balankiik, Karakul Lake
Transfer : Arrival to Bishkek via London or Istambul or 4 hr flight from Moscow to Bishkek (Kirgizia), then 1,5 hr flight Bishkek – Osh and 8-10 hr by car to one of hunting camps (depending on area).
Accommodation : hunting houses with heating, sauna.
Additional costs: Additional trophies :
Booking fee for 1 non-hunter $180 2-nd Marco Polo sheep $ 23.900

Total price for hunt from / to Bishkek: All inclusive except for airfare to Bishkek & tips
Tour price per hunter
Booking fee
Visa support, border permit & gun import permit for Tajikistan
Border permit & gun import permit for Kirgizia
CITES permit for Marco Polo
International veterinary certificate
Air ticket Bishkek – Osh – Bishkek $39. 950
All prices subject to be changed
1 day - arrival in Bishkek, airport procedures, flight to Osh, transfer to the camp.
2-12 days - hunt.
13 day - transfer camp-Osh (mostly at night, flight to Bishkek, night in hotel.
14 day - flight home.

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