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Shotguns Shells and Wads in 10,12,20 Gauge For Sale

shotgun wads and hauls

10,12 and 20 gauge products

Shotgun wads and hauls

The Best

Remington-Winchester- Ponness Warren Wads

Shotgun wads and hauls

Remington Wads

Shotgun wads and hauls

Browning 12 gauge Slug Barrel 3 inch Pump Shotgun With Iron Sights........1000.00

Browning .22 Lever Action Rifle For Sale ........$1000.00

3 inch Ithica Model 500 20 Gauge Over And Under Shotgun For Sale............$2500.00

Full And Modifeid Choke Barrels

2/3/4 and 3 Inch Shells Can Be Used In This Shotgun


Husqvarna Carl Gustaf model 7000,8000,9000 Mag Action

Rifle Stock

Husqvarna Rifle Barrel One Nitro 7mm Remington Magnum Rifle Barrel

Carl Gustuf 8000 Rifle

Oil Dark Blonde Stock.

~Awesome Shape and Beautiful~

One Of A Kind.


Ponsness-Warren 12-20 gauge Shotgun Reloading Press For Sale

Excellent Shape

Made In The USA

PonessWarren Shotshell Press

Also Have Several Bushings For Sale


Guns For Sale

375 H and H Remington Rifle For Sale

.375 H. and H. in a Stainless Remington 700 Action

Custom Made Rifle

Kreiger Barrel

Lawson Muzzle Brake

Safari Grade Stock with liquid recoil setup in stock also

Remington 700 Stainless Steel Action

Leupold Rifle Scope 2.5 X 8


Remington Stainless Steel 700 Action And Stainless Steel Barrel

.264 Winchester Magnum Customed Built

Kreiger Barrel

Graphite-Kevlar Rifle Stock

Leupold 2.5 X 8 Rifle Scope

Genos 264 Winchester Custom Rifle


Remington 700 Action And Tungsten Coating Finish On Receiver-Barrel- Part Of The Bolt

Lawson Brake With Cone


.264 Winchester Magnum Customed Built

Kreiger Barrel

Graphite-Kevlar Rifle Stock

Remington 700 Rifle

This Is A Winner

Ready To Go....................264 Winchester Magnum from

To Build This Rifle Today.................................$5000.00 Plus

Remington Rifle 700




For Sale


Frame Included

Stone Sheep by Trevor Swanson


Rifle Stocks For Sale

Remington 700 Left hand Wood stock for Mag. Action

Remington Rifle Stock For Sale

Remington 700 Right hand Wood Stock for Short Action


New And Used Parts


Remington 700 Action Triggers


Right Hand and Left Hand Triggers

For Sale





For Sale $6500.00

Carl Gustaf

.264 Winchester Magnum Rifle


And The Original Blonde Stock Also

The Original Nitro Barrel Also

Kreiger Barrel

GWL Enterprize Composte Stock

Mint Shape (Was).........Yeeeehhhhhhaaaa

Husqvarna Rifle

Carl Gustaf M-8000 Model

Made from Sweden

Has A Custom Stainless Steel Kreiger Rifle Barrel (26 inches Long)

Husqvarna 7mm Remington Magnum Caliber Rifle Barrel from Sweden 1976

Spectacular Factory Blonde Stock



Car; Gustuf 8000 rifle

Husqvarna M-8000 Magnum Set up Rifle Stock For Sale

Carl Gustuf 8000 rifle

Carl Gustuf 8000 Rifle

Made in The Early 70's in Sweden Carl Gustaf Action


Spypoint Exel Camera On My Kevlar-Graphite Stock-The Husqvarna Action Kreiger .264 Winchester Magnum Barrel

Spypoint camera

Spypoint Camera

Spypoint Cameras Model Excel HD 4K


Rifle Barrels For Sale

7mm Remington Rifle Barrel

7 mm Remington Magnum Remington Model 700 action Rifle Barrel

Used-Good Condition

Front Thread For Muzzle Brake Also


Husqvarna Rifle Barrel for a Model 7000,8000,9000 7mm Remington Mag For Sale

Carl Gustuf 7mm rifle barrel


For Sale

Sako 94 .22 Long Rifle

Rifle Scope

With A Barska (NEW) 3 X 9 or a Nikon Scope (NEW) 4 X 12

Custom Fiberglass Stock

Target Heavy Barrel 22"

Sako.22 Target

2500.00/For All


Contact Me For Any More Information Deer Decal Logo For 

Decals For Sale



$65,000.00 US FUNDS NOW



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