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Dave Collis Cougar

Dave Collis with His Cat from Wyoming




Toby Johnson

Whitetail Deer Cougar-Shiras Moose

Wyoming USA



Johns Turkey

John with Another "Goobler" From S.C.

John Teeter in "Joe Kelly's" Turkey Camp, S.C.

Geno and Basil Bradbury

Basil Bradbury And Geno




Nickolia and Marco Polo

Hunting Marco Polo Sheep


Hunting In Pakistan


Ali Anwar Khan

Ali Anwar Hunting in Pakistan

The Himalayan Ibex & Karakorum Blue Sheep


Ali Anwar Khan

Day 1 Arrival to Islamabad. Car transfer or domestic flight to the
hunting area. Accommodation.
Day 2-8 4-7 hunting days for one of the species
Day 9 Transfer to Islamabad. Return flight.
• Himalayan Ibex hunt requires 10 -13 hunting days

Price for combination Hunt

US $25,000,00 dollars for Ibex & Blue Sheep
US $8500.00 for Himalayan Ibex only

Ali Anwar Khan

Hunt Price Includes:
• 1×1 Experienced Guide duration of the hunt
• Visa Invitation, Customs Handling, and Organization up to Mentioned

Hunting Days
• Transfers from Islamabad and to the hunting area and back again
• Hunting and Rifle Licenses, and Area Fees
• Full Board Accommodation in the Hunting Area
• 1 Trophy Blue Sheep and 1 Himalayan Ibex
• Field Prep of Trophy, including preparation to be shipped home
• Assistance with departing travel plans
Hunt Price Excludes:
• International and Domestic Air Fares
• Visa Fees
• Trophy Shipment or Trip Insurance
• Gratuities
• Hotel accommodation before/after/between the hunt
• Sightseeing/Personal Expenses
• Observer Fee ($400/Day) if accompanied by an observer


Antelope Hunts In The USA

John and His Antelope

New Mexico-Arizona-Wyoming


Hunting Blue Sheep In Nepal

John Teeter and His Blue Sheep


Hunting New Zealand

John Teeter and Blue Sheep

John and Diane In New Zealand

John Teeter In New Zealand With His Chamois

John Teeter and His Chamois

John Teeter In New Zealand With His Tahr


John Teeter and His Rusa Stag

John Teeter In New Zealand and His Rusa Stag


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